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Our Projects

Powered by multidisciplinary SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) covering a Data Center life cycle and operations our experts can offer alternatives to Stakeholders referring to actual needs and future growth. Cybsec HK creates an interactive process with its End Users.

Based on a structured process, Cybsec HK approach is driven by a “partner based” Data Center construction and implementation with its customers. While Cybsec HK primary and initial task is to present alternatives, implications, solutions, cost based analysis, and eventually  knowledgeable based recommendations,  our customer benefit from a continues position to express their needs, adjust them, change them and make significant decisions at each crossroad or milestone.

Cybsec HK has a successful track record and substantial future pipeline in the following industries:

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 16.42.40.png

The following list provides a glimpse of our current main focus and projects in South Asia and Asia Pacific:


Data Centers for Universities

Tailored Data Centers for Universities and Academic Institutions. Focus on a central Data Center providing access to thousands users globally providing 24/7 access and uptime.


Projects in: Indonesia, Philippines, HK and Singapore.

Sports Facility 3

Data Centers for Mega and Sport Events

Cybsec HK offers innovative solutions for mega events that support the complete event lifecycle by creating synergetic affiliations between the various pillars, from the initial trigger, through event monitoring and management to event closure.


Projects in: Japan and Singapore.

Picture 3.png

Data Centers for Critical Infrastructure

The solutions are tailored to industries that require high volumes and critical applications where it is essential to enable adequate monitoring of the industrial environment in order to detect anomalies and respond to security and safety incidents.

Projects in: Thailand, HK, and Singapore.

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